meera & rakesh

meera and rakesh, whom i met through my wife,  were wed at the westin pittsburgh convention center in pittsburgh, pa. the first time i had met them was at our own wedding, but unfortunately, i was not able to spend much time with them. so when news came of their wedding, i was excited with the opportunity of seeing them again! not only did i meet and get to know them more, but to my surprise, i was reconnected with kavita, whom i had met  in chicago years earlier. it turned out that she and rakesh are first cousins. it was this meeting that eventually led to kavita asking me to photograph her own wedding.

meera and rakesh, thanks for a wonderful time at your wedding, and it was great to see you guys again in chicago!

just a note, i attended this wedding as a guest, so what i shoot is limited.  when i attend a wedding in a non-professional capacity, i always make it a point to introduce myself to the hired professional and to not interfere with their work.











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