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u2 is currently performing on their 360 tour and I had the opportunity to go see them at the georgia dome in atlanta. i attended the concert with my wife, mona, my sister and brother-in-law (it was the first concert he’s ever attended and i can’t think of a better way than seeing u2 live!).

one negative out of the way, the acoustics in the georgia dome were subpar, quite poor in fact.  however, this didn’t really take away from the amazing show u2 put on. this is the fifth u2 concert i’ve gone to, going back to the zoo tv tour in ’92. In fact, u2 is the only band i’ve seen live and the only concerts i have ever attended (correction, i did see george michael in concert last summer, but that was for mona!)  one other observation…in earlier tours, such as zoo tv and pop mart, they performed many songs that were different than the album version, i.e. extended, remixed. however, here, it seemed the songs were performed without straying too far from the album versions. view the set list.

the set design was monstrous, it dwarfed everything around it! the cylindrical video screen alone is 54 tons, opens to 14,000 sq ft. and is made up of one million pieces. the screen was so enormous, that often times you found yourself just staring at it and not paying attention to the action on the stage. there are three sets total used on the tour. it has been reported that once the tour is over, the idea is to leave each one of the three structures in different parts of the world to be used as permanent convert venues.

below are photos i had taken during the show. i would have loved to have my 5D MKII, but they don’t allow such cameras for these events. so i used a canon powershot sd880(is)  point and shoot. for all intents and purposes, i think it did well. out of camera, the images were about as good as you could expect from a point and shoot, so i took creative liberties with the images below hoping to make them a bit more interesting. enjoy!















November 2, 2009 - 1:32 am

SUNIL RAO - Dear Sainath,
Magnificent! Even better that the real thing!!!!
—Sunil, Bahrain

October 20, 2009 - 5:31 am

SUNIL RAO - Great photos Sainath. Even better than the real thing….aha

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