emily and shawn: engagement session

this past weekend i made a trip up to charleston, sc to meet with emily and shawn (whose wedding i’ll be shooting next month) for their engagement session. this was our first meeting, but within just a few minutes of being with them, it felt like i had known them for years 🙂

i have to say that working with emily and shawn was so much fun! a full day of shooting is never easy, especially for the couple, but they handled it with great ease. from each location to the next, these guys were up for anything. oh, and they even took it upon themselves to climb a tree!

we began the day at folly beach and found a great spot under the pier to get the session started. from there, we headed back to their place for a short break and on the way, i saw this boat on the side of the highway made of what looked like concrete. apparently, this structure is used by locals as a billboard of sorts. it’s a popular spot for people to paint messages on for special occasions like birthdays, graduations, etc. i thought it might be a cool spot for some quick shots, and without hesitation, emily turned the car around to accommodate my request. after a brief lunch, we headed to battery park, and surrounding historic charleston, to continue our session. after some time there, i asked them about some places where they like to hang out when shawn visits. this lead us to pearlz, an oyster bar  (clever, right?). now, i’m not big on oysters, but according to emily, if you are in charleston and want great oysters this is the place to go. we wrapped up the day at the james island county park, no better place to end the session (and this is where they climbed the tree).

emily and shawn, thank you so much for an amazing day! i’m really looking forward to your wedding next month. and thanks, too, for the food you sent me off with…really hit the spot on the drive home 🙂

below are images from their session…lots of them! with a full day of shooting, and so many images, i found it hard to pick the ones i wanted to post, but had to eventually draw the line somewhere!


August 2, 2011 - 8:59 pm

Pavitra - Beautiful pictures…..

May 17, 2011 - 5:47 pm

Dustin Francis - Dude, these are wonderful….love everything about them! I’ve excited to photograph their wedding with you 🙂

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